The Legend of Lake Hollow (2024)

A group of friends decides to spend a peaceful weekend at a remote lakeside cabin, seeking an escape from their busy city lives. As they settle in, the serene beauty of the lake and surrounding forest captivates them, and they quickly immerse themselves in the relaxing atmosphere. One of the friends, an amateur wildlife enthusiast, sets up trail cameras around the property to capture footage of the local fauna. Initially, the cameras record typical wildlife activity: deer grazing, birds chirping, and the occasional raccoon. However, as night falls, the footage begins to reveal something far more sinister. Follow Goojara Horror Movies for more.

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Title: The Legend of Lake Hollow (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Horror
Director: Chris Hollo
Writer: Jerry Robbins
Stars: James David West, Kyle Rankin, Brendan Bald