Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (2023)

In the 1990s, the Transformers, a bunch of robots, introduced a new group called the Maximals. The Maximals became friends and partners with the Autobots, who protect Earth. Together, they formed a powerful team to keep our planet safe from all sorts of dangers and enemies.

With their combined strength and determination, they became an unbeatable force, always ready to face challenges and protect humanity. They work together to ensure the safety and security of our world. Get ready for an action-packed adventure with the Transformers and Maximals! Watch more Sflix Movies streaming free without any cost.

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Title: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (2023)
Genres: 2023 Movies | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director: Steven Caple Jr.
Writer: Joby Harold, Darnell Metayer, Josh Peters
Stars: Anthony Ramos, Dominique Fishback, Luna Lauren Velez